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Dr. David Klein
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Dr. Klein

Dr. Klein is a Naturorthopathic Doctor, HygioPhysican, Hygienic Doctor with a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Healing from the University of Natural Health. He is also a certified Nutrition Educator. He has been the Director of the Colitis & Crohn’s Health Recovery Center, currently located near Paia, Maui, Hawaii, since 1993. His Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's guidebook has been a worldwide bestseller. The book served as his Ph.D. thesis.

Dr. Klein is the founder and Dean of the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy. Please visit http://www.vibranthealthandwealthacademy.com.

Originally from New Jersey, he also holds a B.S. in civil engineering and worked 10 years in the field of environmental engineering before starting his health education businesses and practice.

Dr. Klein's approach is wholistic and is based upon Natural Hygiene, the world’s most successful health science program over the last 200 years. Since 1993, he has counseled over 3,000 clients back to health via his Vegan Healing Diet Plan which is based upon the principles of Natural Hygiene.

Dr. Klein is also Editor of Vibrance magazine (formerly titled Living Nutrition), the world's most-read raw food lifestyle magazine. Dr. Klein is also a Professor with the University and College of Natural Health, and he serves as the Assistant Academics & Enrollment Director. Dr. Klein’s book Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods is the text for the course “Humans Natural Biological Diet.” The book has also been published with the title The Vibrant Diet by Dr. T. C. Fry & Dr. David Klein.

He has taught nutrition classes, given health and nutrition lectures, led many natural health seminars and produced Rawstock health festivals in northern California. Dr. Klein's own unique healing journey, his studies of many disciplines of health science, and his extensive professional experience have given him uncommon insight into the requisites of healing and health, by which he is able to consistently guide people from disease to rejuvenation.

In 1984, after suffering 8 ruinous years with advanced ulcerative colitis, Dr. Klein used the Natural Hygiene self-healing program to quickly heal his colon and rebuild his health right after the last of the 7 gastroenterologist he saw recommended surgical removal of his colon (a suggestion he rejected). He has thrived on a fruit-based, raw vegan diet with perfect colon health since 1984. Leading people to health independence is Dr. Klein's passion.

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